Baby Chicks!

I work at a school…my office happens to be right next to the kindergarten classrooms.  Each spring, the kindergarten gets a chance to watch baby chicks hatch out of their eggs and grow for a week.  I love this activity.  Who doesn’t love the chance to see brand spanking new tiny fluffy chicks! I snapped a few photos on the old iphone – so not the best visually…but I had to share!

This little guy had just hatched in the incubator and was a little exhausted, taking a quick break before trying again to stand up.

He (or she) was the first to hatch and chirped very loudly as there was no one else to huddle together with.

I overheard some great comments made by the kinders including:

“look, they’re falling in love with each other and snuggling”

“Everyone’s here this morning, Jason’s mom, and Derek’s mom, and a amissions person” (me)

I think in another life…I could teach Kindergarten…they’re always entertaining.