Headed Home

I’m about to head home after 10 days of work and a few extras thrown in to visit friends…
Enjoying a cocktail before heading to SFO, at a bar that is hipper than 97% of hipsters…








This guy…

keeps me company on my desk…all thanks to a certain Miss JP in the office!  You might recognize that he is munching a packing peanut.  I first met him as he was swimming around a box that contained some fabulous birthday surprises.  There are many more birthday related things to mention…I’ll get to that later.  Mostly, it’s nice to have a desk that feels like it’s got a little personality at this place where I spend at least 8 hours a day!

What does your desk or workspace look like?

5 Good Things…

  1. Monsters on my desk
  2. Target run at lunch for some quick errands
  3. Yoga at 5:45 tonight (the second time this week…might be setting a new record for myself here)
  4. Tomorrow is Friday and I get lunch at work
  5. A perfect 79º day…and my office isn’t an icebox!

I would have rather…

been snuggled in bed with a stack of cookbooks, a cozy scarf, some hot peppermint tea and Cleo doing her best imitation of a peanut, doing my best to let my body knock the crap out of the germs that are making me feel this way.

But instead I was at work, with the heat turned on high, entering data onto the same spreadsheet more 90% of the day.  Outside it is entirely miserable.  Pouring, then drizzling, then dumping and pouring again (roof…you hold on…you hear…we’ll be fixing you soon…you can do it, I know it!) and cold…so cold that the Hollywood sign is expected to get a dusting of snow this weekend.  As far as I go…well, not feeling so hot…a touch of a scratchy throat…sleep that somehow just doesn’t cut it…waking up feeling like you could use another—I don’t know…6½ hours more of deep sleep.  A little bit of a cough and just a bit of haze in my head.  If it was any other week…I would have stayed home.  Now the goal is simply to recover for next week which promises to be the nail in the coffin of this season of work.  If it weren’t for coworkers who I truly like, and well-timed outbursts (every so often), tempered with many comments that someone must secretly be taping our office for inspiration for future episodes of The Office…I’m not sure what I’d do.  The end is in sight…or…this too shall pass…or…it can’t last forever…repeat after me…

Happy weekend!  I’m gonna enjoy this one, damn it!

{as soon as I feel a little better…sniffle}

Monday, 10:12 pm : Tuesday, 9:45 pm : Wednesday, 9:27 pm : Thursday, not yet…

I have been in my office all week…and not all week…like Monday through Thursday during normal business hours…but from 8:00 in the morning until the above mentioned times.  It’s been a long haul…and it is not even Friday yet.  In fact, I have eaten every single meal at work, in my office, beginning with Monday morning’s breakfast…it was coffee.  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and foresee some Wii playing (slightly addicted to Lego Harry Potter!) in the very near future.

Also…there was ice in Pasadena this morning.  I realize the rest of the country is in a deep dark and intense freeze (-31° in Park City is so. not. okay!)…but ice on the grass is TOOO cold for Pasadena…don’t they realize we’re trying to grow some fruit out here…

It’s too late tonight…Harry Potter calls…but I’ll post proof of ice tomorrow morning!  I swear it was there and it was chilly!

Mass Extinction and Climate Change – according to Woody

What do the above mentioned things have in common…?  Well…Woody knows a lot about both and he and one of his post doc’s, SF, had a paper published yesterday and there has been some press about the paper.

You can read about it here, or here.  Also, here…and again, here, and lastly…if you haven’t gotten your fill…you can read about it again here.

This work is a result of Woody’s research from Anticosti Island in northern Quebec two summers ago.

What a good Friday!

Monday has never felt so much like Saturday…

Is it Monday?  I can’t tell.  Why…?  Maybe because this is my 8th day of work in a row…!  That’s right.  Monday through Friday…then a work event on Saturday (meaning I was at work from 6:30 am until 2:00 pm), and another work event on Sunday – working from 9:45 until 4:00 pm…and here I am…back at work on Monday.  It feels really like it should be Saturday…I don’t get one of those for another FIVE WHOLE DAYS!

Just to help a little, I picked up a ham cheese baguette from Euro Pane along with a large coffee this morning…delicious…and necessary.  Now if I could just stop yawning.

Happy Monday!

Baby Chicks!

I work at a school…my office happens to be right next to the kindergarten classrooms.  Each spring, the kindergarten gets a chance to watch baby chicks hatch out of their eggs and grow for a week.  I love this activity.  Who doesn’t love the chance to see brand spanking new tiny fluffy chicks! I snapped a few photos on the old iphone – so not the best visually…but I had to share!

This little guy had just hatched in the incubator and was a little exhausted, taking a quick break before trying again to stand up.

He (or she) was the first to hatch and chirped very loudly as there was no one else to huddle together with.

I overheard some great comments made by the kinders including:

“look, they’re falling in love with each other and snuggling”

“Everyone’s here this morning, Jason’s mom, and Derek’s mom, and a amissions person” (me)

I think in another life…I could teach Kindergarten…they’re always entertaining.