Been Busy Baking…


Or a bun that is cooking in my personal oven…

Little Fisch-Baby should be arriving in April of 2014 and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Last night we shared the news with many friends with this costume…Woody wore a chef coat and baker’s hat!  At first, a few thought it was just a funny joke and that we had a really good sense of humor…and then the truth was revealed…

Here’s the bump as of 17 weeks…

And here are a few photos of the bump progress from the last few weeks…

7 Weeks, 12 Weeks and 15 Weeks

So far the 2nd trimester has been much more enjoyable than the first…and let’s keep it that way!  On Sunday, I leave to teach two courses back to back outside of Mammoth…not to return until the 18th.  It’s just a guess, but after an absence of two weeks…Woody might be a little shocked at bump!  We’ll see




5 Good Things…Monday Edition!

1.  It’s Monday…which means this week is full of potential…so much that can be accomplished!  In some ways, it’s better than a Friday when you had high hopes for a super-productive week…and it didn’t turn out that way.

2.  It’s Woody’s Birthday!  This would be a lot more of a good thing if he weren’t a couple hundred miles away working at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab near Stanford.  Don’t worry…we’ll find time to celebrate once he returns towards the end of this week!

3.  This is astonishing…shocking…somewhat depressing…but jaw-dropping all the same!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

4.  Loving listening to the entire Carry Me Back album from OCMS…it’s keeping me motivated (see #1).

5.  I’m looking forward to dinner out with this lady on Tuesday and a cocktail party on Friday.  It’s been too long!

What are your plans for the week?

5 Good Things…Fall Edition!

1.  It ACTUALLY feels like fall this morning…although the sun is trying to come out and ruin it.

2.  Walking Woody to work with Cleo and enjoying said previously mentioned fall weather…and walking home with a hot coffee!

3.  Having lunch with my old boss and catching up on all the latest from my previous job…which is even better…because I get to relish the fact (privately) that I don’t have to deal with any of that drama!

4.  Looking forward to a weekend spent in Santa Barbara county tasting some wine with friends!

5.  It’s finally cooled off enough that we slept with the windows wide open last night and the fan on high.  This also means that Cleo will let us sleep in a bit more as she comes under the covers early in the morning and enjoys sleeping all snuggled and cozy under the blankets.


This guy…

…just an orphaned 234 lb. walrus who has a new home at the New York Aquarium.  He’s awkward and cute!

5 Things to Make You Happy!

1.  I want to snuggle them and hide them all over the house!

{find more here}

2.  This is why kids are the coolest!

3.  Bears in LA!

{find the story here and more photos here}

4.  A little science for your Friday (courtesy of Woody!)

Mass Extinction Linked to Climate Change

5.  Another one of the bear…(I can’t resist)!

What would you think…?  You live in LA, there is a giant freeway in between you and any mountains, and one morning there is a 500 lb. black bear walking the streets of your neighborhood.  You must see this short clip of someone almost walking right into the bear.

Happy Friday!


There is a dichotomy in my life…

So far I’d say I’m having a good year…

There’s a lot going on and the desire to post more and share more and write more is there…but somehow the time is not.  It seems possible and then it slips away.

So as I stumble through trying to create new habits, battle busy schedules and find some time to enjoy myself…this little blog has suffered…but I have not forgotten and I can see a light at the end the next 4 crazy weeks.

I couldn’t resist sharing at least one or two things that are making me happy these days…

1. A little goofy, a little unbalanced – that’s me…

Find more of these amazing underwater dog photos here

2.  I wasn’t sure about this song the first time I heard it…but now I am entirely obsessed!

3.  This article captivated my attention…truly fascinating.  The history and craftsmanship and the potential loss of this art and era is stunning!

Source: LA Times

Here’s to a good weekend!

5 Good Things :: Wednesday Edition

1) Woody has returned (only for 48 hours) but he’s back nonetheless!

2) My tomatoes are looking good!

3) I can’t complain when this is the view from our back patio!

4) We finally have dates and flights for a fishing trip in September…let the planning begin and the catching be imminent.

5) Tacos for dinner!  After 3+ weeks in northern and eastern Europe, Woody is craving some anything with vegetables and some heat!

This guy…

keeps me company on my desk…all thanks to a certain Miss JP in the office!  You might recognize that he is munching a packing peanut.  I first met him as he was swimming around a box that contained some fabulous birthday surprises.  There are many more birthday related things to mention…I’ll get to that later.  Mostly, it’s nice to have a desk that feels like it’s got a little personality at this place where I spend at least 8 hours a day!

What does your desk or workspace look like?

5 Good Things…

  1. Monsters on my desk
  2. Target run at lunch for some quick errands
  3. Yoga at 5:45 tonight (the second time this week…might be setting a new record for myself here)
  4. Tomorrow is Friday and I get lunch at work
  5. A perfect 79º day…and my office isn’t an icebox!