A Happy Dog!

We got back last night from a trip to Savannah for a wedding and picked Cleo up this morning…

Cleo returns from Boarding – A Very Happy & Tired Dog! from Gentry Fischer on Vimeo.

That is one happy and tired dog!

I’m off again…headed to Chico, CA this afternoon to teach a WFR for 10 days.

Update:  I should be in Chico…but alas I’m now stuck at SFO as my flight was delayed…first because there was no aircraft…the next excuse was that the crew needed to arrive…and then the kicker…flight canceled.  So…I find my self with time to kill in the airport when I should be getting a good night’s sleep and preparing to teach tomorrow.  

I think that airlines should at least have the common decency to be honest when they are canceling a flight.  It became very clear that the flight was less than half full…so stop making excuses and just be honest.  

I will now step off the soap box.