Kind of a Big Deal…

Alright…I’m doing some proverbial tooting of the familial horn…specifically in regards to my younger brothers.  They are kind of a big deal!

First…is Liam…I’ll mention him first as he’s got a case of middle child syndrome and I wouldn’t want to add to that…he runs/cooks/manages/etc. this place with his partner and executive chef, Chelsa Best and they make amazing and delicious items in an unexpected locale – Bountiful, UT.  You can see some of their summer menu items here from my visit in August.  But I had occasion to be back in the Utah last week and squeezed in a dinner at eatery 1025 with Rory – the other brother – also known as ‘the boy’.  Please forgive the rough iPhone photos…it continues to boggle my mind how hard it is to hold the iPhone still while holding back your drool.  Also…we neglected to get photos of half the things we ate…just how it goes!

Prior to this delight arriving at the table, we were served some crusty bread with garlic oil and pecorino with black pepper.  Seen above is the toasted polenta cakes with a wild mushrooms and goat cheese mixture on top with sharp arugula and a balsamic drizzle.

The evening’s special salad was Sweet potato and spinach with a citrus vinaigrette with goat cheese, pistachios and dried cherries.  A nice early spring salad, a light vinaigrette with the weight of the sweet potatoes.

Melted Brie Bruschetta.  Normally this amount of cheese would be rich in the extreme…and it was decadent…but underneath that melty goodness lies a layer of a lovely fruit jam which changes often.

The Boy ordered the zucchini pasta (no pasta involved) which is served with sausage and ricotta salata.

And I could not resist the chicken marsala served with mushrooms, pancetta, and seared green beans.

The seared green beans were an unexpected and totally necessary component of the dish…just enough char to add depth.  I am looking forward to searing some green beans myself after that.

If you are in Utah…or if you are passing through…(I-15 is nearby)…make sure you stop by.  It is worth the small detour and you’ll be supporting a local business.  Also…please note their panna cotta is amazing and I had a butterscotch pudding that changed my mind about the butterscotch as a flavor in general (as in – mention butterscotch and I tune out…no interest).

Alright moving on to The Boy…he makes beer…both brothers make beer but this one does it for income currently and works for Epic Brewing Company (note: must be over 21 to view the site) in Salt Lake City.


He’s brewed and been a member of the team for over a year now and added one of his own personal recipes to the repertoire.  Rio’s Rompin’ Rye Ale!  Pretty exciting to see your own brother’s beer on a shelf in a liquor store…and a Utah liquor store at that!

He is making some delicious brews and finding his place in the world!  And as of the other day is now in Chicago for a few weeks for brew school.  Any recommendations of joints to hit up while he is there will be passed along!  I sampled another fine brew while in Salt Lake…

It is similar to a black IPA…a recent obsession of Woody’s and mine and was a welcome end to a long day of classes!  You might even be able to find some of these epic brews in your neck of the woods…they are all over the place lately and are constantly touring their beers around the country!  Keep an eye out.

As I said…Liam and The Boy…kind of a big deal!

Faux (Fox) News

Regardless of your politics, your beliefs, your feelings about media, about religion or about our country…

you should be appalled, offended, outraged, disgusted, nauseated, no – horrified!

I know the print is tiny…just scan the screenshot for all the things that seem a bit wrong.  I’m embarrassed by the fact that most likely 95% of the people involved in putting this newscast together most likely make 2 to 3 times as much salary as I do…and perhaps 4 to 5 times as much as the average viewer of fox news.

(my statistics are about as researched as the story above, but at least I can spell!)