There is a dichotomy in my life…

So far I’d say I’m having a good year…

There’s a lot going on and the desire to post more and share more and write more is there…but somehow the time is not.  It seems possible and then it slips away.

So as I stumble through trying to create new habits, battle busy schedules and find some time to enjoy myself…this little blog has suffered…but I have not forgotten and I can see a light at the end the next 4 crazy weeks.

I couldn’t resist sharing at least one or two things that are making me happy these days…

1. A little goofy, a little unbalanced – that’s me…

Find more of these amazing underwater dog photos here

2.  I wasn’t sure about this song the first time I heard it…but now I am entirely obsessed!

3.  This article captivated my attention…truly fascinating.  The history and craftsmanship and the potential loss of this art and era is stunning!

Source: LA Times

Here’s to a good weekend!


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