Let there be light…and no leakage!

So…we have been in need of a new roof since last winter when during one of the many torrential downpours of the Southern Californian winters, we heard…plop….plip….plop….plip, plop…plop.  We had at least two very visible leaks, one where the old house met up with the master bedroom…which was an addition to the original house, and one over the stove where the hood vent came through the roof.  However, being the cheapskates poor young couple we are, after we received the estimate, we put it off.  The sun came out for about 10 months and rain seemed only a distant memory.  Until a few weeks ago, and an early winter pacific storm came through…plop, plip, plop…plop!!!  UGH!

Repairs are in progress.  Our driveway is home to giant boiling tar kettle and we’ve had a solid 4 days of work so far.  This work will definitely put a dent in our checkbook, but it is not like it is optional.

Even more exciting than a roof that doesn’t leak, is this thing…

SolaTube!  Let there be light!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am by this.  Let me explain!  This is literally a tube that comes through the roof and absorbs sunlight and then transfers it down and disperses it to the room.  It’s like a skylight, but without the direct rays, heating effect and potential for leaks or breakage!

Our kitchen is in the middle of the house…no windows or doors border the kitchen.  So…it was dark…

This is with all the lights on…

But now…

This was early this morning before the sun was even really up in the sky and it was a bit overcast…all of a sudden, I don’t need to turn on the lights every time I walk through the kitchen regardless of the time of day!

I think this means big things for my motivation to cook and to get photos of it all as I go!  A little light goes a long way!

Way to go roof…thanks for needing to be re-done and allowing an opportunity to cut a hole in the ceiling for our fabulous Solatube!