Fatty’s Follow-up…(and what we did with our summer!)

Okay…I would love to tell you all about our fabulous meal at Fatty’s…but I can’t.  I’d have to kill you.  JUST Kidding!  Apparently although 3 out of the 4 of us headed to dinner are professors at prestigious institutions…not one of us thought to check the website for their hours and Fatty’s is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  What were we to do…all the way in Eagle Rock with no idea where to go.  A rather quick discussion and we were headed to Four Cafe.  Although certainly more cafe than nice-dinner-out…it was a great find!  Fresh, seasonal, creative and comprehensive!  Salads, sandwiches, soups, house-made sodas and tempting desserts.

I ordered a warm fall salad – arugula, warm mushrooms, squash, onions, caramelized pecans and pomegranate vinaigrette that I added wild salmon to, and Woody had the meatloaf sandwich.  The side of kale was perfect and we couldn’t help but order the small bites to share – brie filled phyllo cups with honey and roasted brussel sprouts with romesco aioli!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos.  But the website has some and there are plenty posted on the yelp site.

In other news…there is much to catch up on.  The last two months have been filled with a lot of goings-on…none of which included blogging (obviously).  Here’s the summary version…

Woody spent all of August traveling – Sweden for field work…Prague for a conference, Switzerland for a talk and then back to LA…for only two nights…and then it was off to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a little more field work and of course a little state fair time!

I spent all of August working…and getting some projects done at home…

I switched out some chandelier lamp shades…small change, big difference!

I organized the closet in the front bedroom…adding shelves, reinforcing the hanging rack which was only held in place by nails, and generally did some organizing and de-cluttering.


I re-arranged some furniture and all of this gave the house a fresh feel.

Fast forward to September, and school started, which means work and work stress really increased.  But soon to come was a VACATION!!!

We fly fished for over a week in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming…in and around Yellowstone National Park.

That’s just a taste…

And then less than 16 hours after returning from that trip…I unpacked, repacked and headed out as a chaperone on a 9th grade outdoor education trip of rock-climbing in Sequoya.

The weather was nice, if not a little hot; it was a great group of kids and there was no cooking or food prep and no washing of dishes except for my own bowl…so in the scope of outdoor ed trips I’ve participated in…one of the easiest.  I definitely scouted the Kern river for spots to fish and am looking forward to a weekend when we can get away.


I’m back! (at least I’m trying!)

photo courtesy of yelp! and Michael L.

Tonight…I’m headed here…

…a good meal with good friends…after the day I’ve had, nothing could be better!

Despite the name…the place is vegetarian/vegan…so I’ll fill you in on our experience later.  I’ve been dying to try Fatty’s for quite a while!