Yoga Mat Bag

I have finally embarked on the journey of learning to use a pattern.  Sewing pattern that is.  I bought a fabulous book, with many fun projects to plan for…but the first one I jumped into was the Yoga Mat Bag.

Handy as I always find myself with too many things in my hands, no pockets to speak of (the one and only downfall of comfy yoga pants) and fumbling to carry my mat…when I’m supposed to be calm and serene and looking like one of the yoga fanatics from the Athleta catalog.

This first bag was made for a friend.  I used home decor weight fabric which is a little heftier and sturdier.  The pocket is great for keys and chapstick and the drawstring keeps everything secure.  The strap is long enough to use across your body if you are riding your bike to yoga.  It seems like such a simple project, and it is…but there are key pieces of information that lurked in the pattern…like pressing the seams open, or sewing on the pocket first before sewing up the side of the bag…and as it turns out those bits are what make all the difference!

I have since made a second and larger one for a friend who happens to have the cushiest and stickiest yoga mat around – so a little extra fabric was in order.  Putting your yoga mat back in the bag should be like putting on pantyhose that are a few sizes too small!  I still think that patterns are somewhat hard to read, and are open to interpretation…but perhaps that is the challenge…otherwise, everyone would make their own yoga bags!


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