Babies Everywhere…

There are many babies in my world…and that means baby gifts as well.  As I’m not a mother myself yet (only a dog mother to Cleo), I’m not completely schooled in what would be the most helpful things to have around…and I think they vary depending on what number baby the mom is having…is this her first…or is it just another ride on the rollercoaster?  So I’ve used my ignorance as an excuse to try making some baby things…

These did not turn out exactly like I expected…but, hey, room for improvement next time, right…?

I tried to stitch around the outside after using an adhesive backing to get the cut out to stick onto the fabric.  Guess what…?  Sewing machines and adhesives are not friends.  After thinking about it, it’s better to not have any threads poking through the shirts as it could irritate new little baby skin!

Stars were cute, although surprisingly difficult to cut out.  But here is my favorite!

The flowery octopus!

I found images and silhouettes that I liked online and printed them out, cut the shape out, traced it onto a manila folder (which is a good thickness and a little stiffer than printer paper) and then cut that out and used it as a template to then trace onto the fabric…which I then cut out after adding the adhesive fabric sheet to the back of it.  I am sure that probably 18 of those cutting, and tracing steps could be eliminated, but at least it worked!

I wrapped them up and headed straight to a baby shower the next afternoon!  Whew!  Just in time!


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