She’s Crafty…she gets around…she’s crafty…she’s just my type!

I’ve been doing some crafting lately.  (And also listening to the Beastie Boys new stuff – Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2 – is awesome and you can listen to the whole thing online.)  I was bestowed a sewing machine…a nice sewing machine…a machine that can practically make me eggs for breakfast, embroidered with my initials, and appliqued onto my plate…a seriously nice sewing machine.  I don’t know how to sew…or I didn’t.

Now, not wanting to break this machine, I have dabbled a bit, hemming some curtains, and making a few gift bags, pressing buttons and seeing what happens…but my knowledge stopped there.

Enter GroupOn.  (if you don’t know what groupon is…you should look it up)  One day, a GroupOn appeared for a class at The Sewing Studio.  I snatched it up…and then let it sit unused for a couple months…expiration date approaches and I schedule a class ASAP to make sure my discounted class doesn’t go to waste.  I chose the Tote Bag class…although I was reminded by several friends that I don’t really need another tote bag.  Class was great – I bring my own sewing machine in, along with fabric and basic supplies – they provide a pattern and the know-how to complete the project.  It was supposed to be 4 Saturday afternoons, but I finished the bag in 3.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with myself!  Mainly with the details, as most of my projects look fine from a distance but upon closer examination…you see that the lines are crooked, the seams don’t match, there’s some bunching here and some crazy stitching there…but this is not the case with this bag!  And…it’s reversible.

I was feeling so good about this project that apparently I think I can just sew anything.  I’m sure this will be proven wrong in a matter of days…but a little over-inflated confidence can’t hurt, right?  So…I bought an ambitious pattern for a tunic and some beautiful fabric…we’ll just see how that goes!

Maybe I’ll try a few smaller projects first, like some pillow cases, or placemats…things that are square and (should be) simple!


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