This guy…

keeps me company on my desk…all thanks to a certain Miss JP in the office!  You might recognize that he is munching a packing peanut.  I first met him as he was swimming around a box that contained some fabulous birthday surprises.  There are many more birthday related things to mention…I’ll get to that later.  Mostly, it’s nice to have a desk that feels like it’s got a little personality at this place where I spend at least 8 hours a day!

What does your desk or workspace look like?

5 Good Things…

  1. Monsters on my desk
  2. Target run at lunch for some quick errands
  3. Yoga at 5:45 tonight (the second time this week…might be setting a new record for myself here)
  4. Tomorrow is Friday and I get lunch at work
  5. A perfect 79º day…and my office isn’t an icebox!

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