New Rug…New Feel

You know when you’re really excited about something and you make quick decisions…like when you’ve just bought your first house and there is nothing but hardwood floors and some nice colored walls…I made some quick decisions…and after living with them for two years, thought better of at least one of them.  Our family room is filled with solid colors, and our couch (counted as a good decision) is charcoal grey.  Red walls, charcoal couch, white cabinets right next to a kitchen with black counter-tops and white cupboards = red, white black and grey = not my ideal color palette for a sunny bright family room.  I digress…short story: we bought a small rug which was very colorful, modern and provided a rainbow of color…turns out I didn’t really want to whole rainbow!

I found a lovely gem of a rug at HomeGoods which was bigger (almost 7×9) and quite affordable at $249…and I brought her home.  It brings in some nice earth tones (distinctly lacking before) and has enough grey-ish green that it works with the couch and enough red to work with the wall.

It doesn’t hurt that Cleo looks really nice on it as well!  Most importantly, it makes me like the room even more!


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