Easter – or day of much food!

So Wynne arrived late Saturday evening…we watched a little Top Gear, as we recently discovered that they added many seasons to the Netflix library, and Wynne had not seen an episode yet, and then headed off to bed to leave the Easter bunny to hide some eggs and deliver chocolate.

Okay, I think the Easter bunny must have taken one look at our fridge full of raw eggs and ran the other way.  But chocolate found its way into our home.

We put together a little basket for all of us, a fresh tangerine, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, bunny chocolates from Judy, and a bag full of miscellaneous Easter goodies and a wind up bunny for Cleo!

Wynne is not a regular coffee drinker so we tempted her with an attempt at recreating the coffee we had in Vienna with frothy steamed milk, and a little shaved dark bunny ears chocolate on top.

Cleo’s day started out with a walk and breakfast…and then some quality time with a wind up chick…she slobbers it to death and tries to crunch it up!

And then we had more coffee…delicious!

We walked through our neighborhood to the Athenaeum at Caltech for brunch at 1.  To be clear, this was not my only plate…just the first one…the brunch was incredible, including fresh king crab legs, shrimp, oysters, fresh salads, roast beef, leg of lamb, smoked salmon, eggs, waffles, pancakes, mashed potatoes, green beans, and of course desserts!

We walked back home in the afternoon breeze, made some phone calls and decided dinner should be a simple plate of deviled eggs.

We spooned the mixture into the eggs, and topped with fresh dill and a little paprika.  Even Cleo got to enjoy one!

I’m pretty sure that a main reason that WOody looks forward to Easter is for the deviled eggs.  It marks the beginning of deviled egg season…and means that spring has really arrived.

Happy Easter!


One thought on “Easter – or day of much food!

  1. A Fischer (Bill & Eleanor) Easter tradition has been deviled eggs and Bloody Marys. They’re a great combo. It’s wonderful you and Woody had that special occasion and time in Vienna!

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