I would have rather…

been snuggled in bed with a stack of cookbooks, a cozy scarf, some hot peppermint tea and Cleo doing her best imitation of a peanut, doing my best to let my body knock the crap out of the germs that are making me feel this way.

But instead I was at work, with the heat turned on high, entering data onto the same spreadsheet more 90% of the day.  Outside it is entirely miserable.  Pouring, then drizzling, then dumping and pouring again (roof…you hold on…you hear…we’ll be fixing you soon…you can do it, I know it!) and cold…so cold that the Hollywood sign is expected to get a dusting of snow this weekend.  As far as I go…well, not feeling so hot…a touch of a scratchy throat…sleep that somehow just doesn’t cut it…waking up feeling like you could use another—I don’t know…6½ hours more of deep sleep.  A little bit of a cough and just a bit of haze in my head.  If it was any other week…I would have stayed home.  Now the goal is simply to recover for next week which promises to be the nail in the coffin of this season of work.  If it weren’t for coworkers who I truly like, and well-timed outbursts (every so often), tempered with many comments that someone must secretly be taping our office for inspiration for future episodes of The Office…I’m not sure what I’d do.  The end is in sight…or…this too shall pass…or…it can’t last forever…repeat after me…

Happy weekend!  I’m gonna enjoy this one, damn it!

{as soon as I feel a little better…sniffle}


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