I would have rather…

been snuggled in bed with a stack of cookbooks, a cozy scarf, some hot peppermint tea and Cleo doing her best imitation of a peanut, doing my best to let my body knock the crap out of the germs that are making me feel this way.

But instead I was at work, with the heat turned on high, entering data onto the same spreadsheet more 90% of the day.  Outside it is entirely miserable.  Pouring, then drizzling, then dumping and pouring again (roof…you hold on…you hear…we’ll be fixing you soon…you can do it, I know it!) and cold…so cold that the Hollywood sign is expected to get a dusting of snow this weekend.  As far as I go…well, not feeling so hot…a touch of a scratchy throat…sleep that somehow just doesn’t cut it…waking up feeling like you could use another—I don’t know…6½ hours more of deep sleep.  A little bit of a cough and just a bit of haze in my head.  If it was any other week…I would have stayed home.  Now the goal is simply to recover for next week which promises to be the nail in the coffin of this season of work.  If it weren’t for coworkers who I truly like, and well-timed outbursts (every so often), tempered with many comments that someone must secretly be taping our office for inspiration for future episodes of The Office…I’m not sure what I’d do.  The end is in sight…or…this too shall pass…or…it can’t last forever…repeat after me…

Happy weekend!  I’m gonna enjoy this one, damn it!

{as soon as I feel a little better…sniffle}


Caltech…you make me proud!

Caltech has won their first conference basketball game in over 26 years…breaking a losing streak of 310 games!  WOW!

Read about it here…or here…or look for their press conference at noon PST.

You make me proud…and you make me laugh!  Congratulations!

Back on the Workout Wagon…

December and January leave little time for much other than work…but I’m back on the wagon.  I know I’ll feel better, I’ll have more energy, I’ll get more accomplished…if I just make time for some exercise.  Woody and I both got pedometers for Christmas…and it has become a bit of a competition to see who walks further everyday.  Tuesday evening, i jumped right back into a Zumba class at the Caltech gym.  If you’re not familiar with Zumba…it is unofficially the most humiliating of aerobic cardio/dance classes…EVER!  I have no ego while in class and find myself continually giggling at how lost I am in the middle of a song.  But it’s fun, and it keeps me sweating for a full 60 minutes.

I also, through a colleague at work, ended up with a groupon for a new yoga place in old town.  I went to Yogahop last night for an hour long class.  I can’t tell you the last time I went to an actual yoga class…they’ve always seemed a bit intimidating!  So despite my anxiety about being the only one who didn’t know what they were doing and potentially looking like a broken pretzel…I walked into class, laid out my mat and jumped right in.  Luckily, there were only 4 other people in the class (read: there will only 3 people who will fall down laughing at my yoga attempt), and at least one other participant was a newbie as well.  Yep, that’s me taking pleasure in the fact that someone else might have been just as nervous and anxious as I was!  Don’t judge.  I actually like the class…and since the groupon was for 10 classes, I’ll be going back at least another nine times.

The weather is gorgeous today, the sun feels incredibly strong.  Maybe I’ll even squeeze in a hike this weekend!  Now it’s all about keeping up with it and continuing to find make time for exercise, and fitness.

Proof of Ice…

Ice on the sidewalk/lawn while walking Cleo around 8 am in the morning on Thursday morning.  Chilly.

Today, pure sunshine and temperatures in the high 70’s.  I was completely overdressed in jeans, flip-flops and a long-sleeved shirt when I walked up to the flea market at PCC.  In a bit, we are off to watch the superbowl this afternoon…and I’m going to try and squeeze in some house tidying and some laundry.  Enjoy your Sunday!

Monday, 10:12 pm : Tuesday, 9:45 pm : Wednesday, 9:27 pm : Thursday, not yet…

I have been in my office all week…and not all week…like Monday through Thursday during normal business hours…but from 8:00 in the morning until the above mentioned times.  It’s been a long haul…and it is not even Friday yet.  In fact, I have eaten every single meal at work, in my office, beginning with Monday morning’s breakfast…it was coffee.  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and foresee some Wii playing (slightly addicted to Lego Harry Potter!) in the very near future.

Also…there was ice in Pasadena this morning.  I realize the rest of the country is in a deep dark and intense freeze (-31° in Park City is so. not. okay!)…but ice on the grass is TOOO cold for Pasadena…don’t they realize we’re trying to grow some fruit out here…

It’s too late tonight…Harry Potter calls…but I’ll post proof of ice tomorrow morning!  I swear it was there and it was chilly!