Even the Trees are Confused…

I bet your December doesn’t look like this.  No, this picture is not a couple of months old…it is from just the other morning when I took Cleo for a walk.  The weather this fall has been strange.  Strange enough that trees who thought they had it good by putting down roots and growing tall in Southern California have now had to act like deciduous trees in the rest of the non-almost-tropical-world and drop their leaves.  That’s right, it is has been cold enough for long enough…that all of a sudden it’s looking like an early  New England fall.

I’ve gone from flip-flops to clogs to wellies to flip-flops – don’t even get me started on the comforter situation in the bedroom.  One weekend, the highs are near 80 (not helpful when trying to have a Christmas party and turn the fireplace on for some ambiance), and then the next it’s pouring and the highs are in the mid-60’s.  Also…living here…you’d think that there was nothing else going on in the world…since the only thing the local news covers is the torrential rain storm and the mudslides that are happening…nevermind about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the healthcare bill and the tax laws…didn’t you hear…IT’S RAINING!!!!!


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