And you are…?

Today is basically Halloween…at least at school it is!  Since Halloween is on Sunday – all the kids get to dress up today and the kindergarten and first grades get to parade through all of the classrooms of the lower and middle schools.  There were princesses and witches, vampires, storm troopers, cowboys, astronauts, mermaids and cats and they were all great!

What good are costumes…if you can’t look back and remember how goofy you looked!?!

Wonder woman – age 2 (I think)

Liam as Papa Smurf, Raggedy-Anne, Ciaran as an Indian

Pumpkin carving with Rory looking very photogenic!

And one of my favorites – I think I was in fifth grade.

Me as a sandwich, Ciaran as an Astronaut (in his very own space camp jumpsuit!), Liam as a very serious mummy, and Rory as a smiley dragon!

Happy Halloween!



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