Colorado College Homecoming & Mini Geo Symposium

Last weekend – actually 2 weekends ago now (slacker)…Woody and I headed back to Colorado Springs and Colorado College for two purposes.  1) It was his 10 year college reunion and 2) the Geology department was celebrating two of their professor emeriti, including Bill Fischer, Woody’s paternal grandfather, with a mini-geology symposium.  The weekend was great.

The trip was…

…two flights, picked up, good friends, old friends…beers.  Il Vicino, pizza rustica and smells from an old job, laughter, crisp Colorado air.  Sunshine and storm clouds…but only in the afternoon.  Pikes peak…can’t help but take photos.  C. Springs all gentrified up, but still sort of forgotten.  CC, new buildings, same buildings, Wooglin’s coffee, Woody giving a talk, family, lots of family.  Learning…’cause I didn’t get enough while I was at CC.  geology.  new art center.  Being late to a CC Geo field trip – not the first and definitely not the last time.  Garden of the Gods.  Hawaiian tacos (CC needed a taco joint especially with $1 PBR’s anytime)  mule deer, cocktails, old friends, ten years gone by, catching up and laughing, swapping stories, more beers, some familiar faces and many new faces.  Colorado College bus trip, roadside geology, afternoon nap, big dinner, stories and memories.  Grandpa Bill and Grandma Eleanor.  Stop plate tectonics.  Professors, undergrads, scholarship, and laughter, lots of laughter and memories.

This is the Crip formation…(only ever written in blue).


All of this capped off with an ungodly early flight at 6:02 am – 4:30 am wake-up call…and two flights later…we were home.  Sigh.



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