Wine Charms

I get sidetracked pretty easily.  So sometimes things like cleaning and organizing…result in the completion of a craft project and a lack of any real organizing.  This drives Woody crazy…but at least I get things done…just maybe not always in the right order.

I stumbled on a box of beads and jewelry making supplies…and although I am always in need of earrings (love ’em!)…what we really needed were some wine charms.  So I made some.  I think they turned out pretty well.

As I was making them I had to remember that the whole point is for them to be distinct and unique…so as NOT to mix up your glass with someone else’s.  Details.  A few re-do’s and they were done.



2 thoughts on “Wine Charms

    • They are made from silver earring hoops…I thought about making my own with some silver wire…but decided it was simpler to use earrings hoops…and then they would be the same size as well.

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