Rules regarding swimming…

There are rules that apply to swimming.  Most of them are in reference to avoiding swimming after consuming a large meal.  One rule mainly applies to adults…because adults wear watches.  Actually…perhaps this rule only applies to adults of a certain generation…as I don’t think kids wear watches these days…they’ve got cell phones.  (I think I just used the phrase “kids these days…” YIKES!) The rule I speak about is…don’t wear your watch in the pool.  I broke the rule.  I wore my watch in the pool.  I broke my watch.

Actually, at first, I thought I was in the clear.  I had only worn my watch in the pool for no more than 10 minutes and my arm wasn’t underwater that whole time.  I removed my watch…and later found it to still be ticking…although the face contained some condensation.  Then it stopped working.  Then it worked again.  Finally, as I refused to let this watch die…I brought out the big guns.

I did this.

I put my watch in a bowl of rice.  No…I’m not looney…this works I swear!  I think I’ve even seen this mentioned on tech blogs to help phones that took a drink or keyboards that enjoyed a cup of coffee.  The rice helps to dry out the watch.  And it worked…until it didn’t.  Let me explain…it did help dry out the watch…but it couldn’t stop the battery from having issues of its own.  The watch is still alive and kickin’ after taking it to a jewelry shop and having them take it apart, replace gaskets that looked like a tire blowout on the freeway and generally give it a tune-up.

Welcome back to my wrist…watch!


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