Easy like Sunday morning…+ fishing & brunch

Our Sunday started out with two alarms, an extra early walk and breakfast for Cleo, a loading of the car…and then off we went.  We were headed for some local fly-fishing…and not in the LA river this time.  We brought our bikes along since there was a paved access road that reached over 6 miles up the canyon.  The picture below is deceiving…it was freezing at 7 am at the trailhead – the day later topped out in the high 90’s.

We fished the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.  Not quite as remote and pristine as I had hoped…as demonstrated by the ‘fishing platform’ shown below.  However, we did catch fish…so the creek is healthy enough to sustain fish…a good sign.

I was lucky…I dropped a caddis fly on the water…and I had a bite.  More than a bite actually…I had a fish!  A pretty small rainbow, and my first fish caught in California waters.

The bikes were perfect…we traveled approximately 5 miles in…and stopped along the way wherever it looked like the fishing might be worthwhile and the tree limbs and branches would be forgiving of our casts.

Woody managed a catch just as we were about to call it and start heading back down to the cars.  Much bigger than my fish and caught while hanging out at the top of a run where the water is cooler and oxygenated.

On the ride down, the temperature was clearly rising and we were ready for some brunch.  We stopped here, and enjoyed iced coffee and interesting waffles, eggs, french toast and wraps!

Best of all, the day was still young…finished with brunch by 12:30…there was plenty of time to go home, take naps, play Super Mario Galaxy 2, wrestle the dog, get some work done and make dinner.

But before dinner…it was cocktail time…we made frozen margaritas and guacamole.  C’est parfait!


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