Not okay…sidewalk-spanning spiders!

Time:  6:41 am this morning

Scene:  1/2 block away from home, taking Cleo on her morning walk…barely awake…until this!!!!


Needless to say, I was quite awake after *barely* avoiding walking right into this thing.  I should add that it was between shoulder and eye level (read…I probably would have screamed, gasped, nearly choked, and appeared to be having a seizure as I flailed to try to get one said giant orange spider off of me).  I’m pretty sure the only reason I even saw this…6 inches before walking into it…was that Cleo had walked underneath the web but disturbed one of the web anchors…and so the spider moved.  I literally shudder to think what would have happened had I entangled myself in this spider’s web…and later discovered a humongous orange spider in the collar of my jacket…or crawling up me.  I know he was hoping for a big catch…but I’m not it!

Hope your day started out much better than mine!

Just for emphasis…here’s a second picture…


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