Atterbury Family Reunion…part 1!

I’ll start at the end…and work backwards…seems like the right way to go since it was almost 2 months ago that this all took place.  Atterbury…huh…?…”I’m confused” you say…well you’re not the only one.  Frankly, I need charts, photos, name-tags, graphs, family trees, calendars and maybe a few mathematics equations to work through all the various relatives who were in attendance.

Let me explain.  It all started with Arminia Rosengarten and William Wallace Atterbury.  They were my great grandmother’s parents, making them my great grandparents.  SO…this all trickles down to a giant Atterbury Family Reunion that took place in Sun Valley, Idaho this past June.  The last reunion happened in 2001 in Santa Fe and Woody and I were able to go for only a day or so.  Almost 10 years later, this was a great gathering of family from all over the country.  Pictured above is the entire Connelly contingent…back row, left to right is, Rory, Will, Ciaran and Liam…front row, left to right is Alexis, Kate with Avery, Melissa, Woody, Liz (me) and Wynne.

We stayed in a house…yep, one house for all 11 of us…hard to believe we all fit.  And of course…we had to watch a lot of World Cup Soccer!  The timing of the games worked out very nicely – waking up to coffee, breakfast supplies and an 8 am World Cup Game is not a bad way to get going!

We all went up a day or two early to enjoy Sun Valley a little before the official program got going.  We squeezed in a lunch in Ketchum…Avery really liked her grilled cheese.

9 holes of golf was great – despite the huge thunderstorm and downpour that opened up right at our tee time.

The course was beautiful, built right into the foothills, winding it’s way up and back down again with some pretty difficult holes.

We planned a dinner at Sego, after reading through reviews and asking for recommendations…and it was certainly worth it.  Menu is based on sustainable American cuisine.

Part one concludes…stay tuned for part two in the near future.


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