Slackline – Attempt #1!

How’s your balance?  I thought mine was maybe a little better than average.  Did I think that I would have any chance of standing on a thin width of webbing strung up between two trees for more than a nano-second…NOT A CHANCE!

But I’m full of surprises.

We set it up between two trees we deemed appropriate at Caltech.

This is new school slacklining…no jury-rigging here.  Mine came complete with a ratchet.

It looks a little like caution/police line/crime scene tape.

Very tentative at first…using the tree…wearing flip flops…

Woody tried out the barefoot method – it is a much better way to go.

The pictures don’t do it justice.  It looks calm and slow in the photos…when really there was a lot of wind-milling going on.

Slacklining was a bit of a workout as well…I used all sorts of tiny muscles I hardly knew I had.  If you look close at my fingers…you can see how tense my hands were – which resulted in sore forearms the following day.  Try explaining that your arms are sore from an activity where the whole point is not to use your hands.

It felt like it was a lot higher off the ground.

At one point, I almost fell…so I ended up crouching in an attempt to stay on…again…tense fingers…

Eye of the tiger…


By the end, we were both able to stay on for about 10-20 seconds…and I’m excited to set it up again.  It’s a little addictive…almost like when you were little and just kept getting back on the monkey  bars to complete a successful cherry drop despite blisters on your hands.

Thank you Woody for an unexpected and creative birthday present!


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