Onto another year…

Okay…so I’m 31.  According to my brother, this qualifies as being in my ‘mid-thirties’.  This all happened in the midst of the craziness of the end of May – May 21st to be exact.  We had a lot going on.  But we managed to squeeze in a celebration or two – thanks to some really great friends.

Jennie brought me breakfast – homemade sausage and mushroom mini-quiches.  (no pictures – they were too delicious!)

I was treated to lunch by my office at this place and was basically queen for a day.  It was lovely.

Anna and Rhea biked over and visited me at work and brought me homemade scones.  (can you tell there is a theme…? delicious treats)

I also enjoyed some (very) frozen ice cream cake – flaming ice cream cake in fact.

I also received some very fun things…

a slackline…(see upcoming post)

A new work bag made entirely out of recycled fishing waders…I can actually see some old patches where people tried to make repairs before throwing in the towel and purchased new waders – and it’s completely waterproof…so I have no excuse now to not ride my bike all year-long.

And finally, I was lucky enough to be taken out to dinner by my friend Jen…

Thanks for all the birthday love, phone calls, goodies, and cards.  I have great friends and family!


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