The Standard (not so standard afterall)

A friend and colleague of Woody’s had told us for months that we needed to go have a drink with him at The Standard in downtown LA.  What better night to try it out than a Wednesday.

Immediately, upon walking into the hotel…I had the sinking feeling that I was not hip enough to be there.  I also think that the coolest Los Feliz indie-rocker hipster might get this same feeling.  The rooftop bar is where else…the roof top.  Exiting the elevator, standing on various colored astro-turf…there was much to explore.  We were bit too late to catch the actual sunset…traffic…always traffic – but there were still some rays of sun.

Yes, there is a pool…and it is meant for bar guests.  They open early in the day and encourage bar patrons to utilize the 4 foot deep pool.  If you search online for images of the bar/pool…it looks like a scene out of a 20-something coming of age Hollywood movie.  Or a commercial in which everyone is tan and beautiful and having the time of their lives lounging at the pool…in the middle of a weekday…cause no one has real jobs out here.  They’re in the ‘industry’.

Yup…do we look like we’re from Caltech…?  Not in normal life…but at The Standard…a bit like sore thumbs.  Also, no one else at the bar had a beard…except for a bouncer who was an almost 7 foot tall black man, whose beard was the only hair on his head.

It was a beautiful evening…perhaps a little on the chilly side…ya know…all the way down to mid-60’s.  The red Hershey kiss lounge booths are actually water-beds.  Good fun…reminded me of when having a water-bed sounded like a good idea…when I was 8…and having a mattress filled with water sounded magical.  Very fun at a bar however.

Looking towards the San Gabriels.  It could almost be Salt Lake…almost.

Drinks were good although, they lose a little something when they come in thick acrylic glasses.  A Manhattan should be elegant, gin and tonics are slightly more forgiving.

Yep, those are ivy covered unicorns in the background.

And last but not least, please examine the photographs below.

Dead-ringer for Luke Skywalker.  Seriously…which one is our waiter and which one is Luke Skywalker.


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