Spring in full swing

I know most of the world is just getting tiny glimpses of the joys of spring time right about now…we’ve had spring’ish weather since…well, since mid-January, actually.  Every so often, it’s interrupted by a coastal winter storm that drops a few inches of rain in a day and results in panic of residents living near the Station Fire burn area, crossing their fingers that a mudslide doesn’t take their house away.  But in general…very pleasant weather.  I’m just thrilled we’re not in the mid-80’s yet – that’s when you know there is no turning back…summer’s a comin’.

These are located in our front yard.  I’m unsure what exactly they are, (thought…?) but they amaze me as they grown right up through a small hedge seemingly out of nowhere.

On the weekends, Cleo’s favorite activity is to become a ‘solar dog’ as we call it.  As soon as there is sunshine on the patio, she can be found lounging, flopped against the tile and stucco.  Warmer days require that she rotate between the living room – cool and soft, and the deck.  She gets very warm, especially her brown patch and comes in smelling very doggy.

Big yawn.

From this look, you might assume that we never feed her, and that she has no friends, and never gets to play outside, go for walks and chase squirrels.  But I assure you, this is not the case.  This pathetic  and guilt-inducing look happens on cloudy/rainy weekend days, when becoming a solar dog is just not an option.

And I know, Easter was almost a month ago…but due to circumstances beyond my control (home internet finicky, lost camera cord and misplaced SD card reader)…I just barely imported a whole month of photos from my camera.  We dyed eggs.  I wanted really vibrant colors.  I may or may not have used almost half a bottle of food coloring + a dye tablet.  I think they turned out nicely.  Woody was not thrilled – something about blue and pink-tinged deviled eggs just doesn’t seem right.  Next time, I think I’ll focus on 2 or 3 colors and play around with different shades.

Hope you’re enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!


3 thoughts on “Spring in full swing

  1. I love “solar dog.” I have, in the last week, adopted “snoozer dog.” Location of choice for Murphy is not in the sun, however, or even outside. He likes couches. Gives me a big “F YOU” look when I put on the leash (what kind of dog doesn’t like to go on walks?!), gets dragged through the first two corners around the block and then drags me home the last two and straight onto the couch, leash and all. He’s then asleep within about .2seconds. And he snores.
    Love all the pics of Fischer Life- hope to get out to LA to see you guys one of these days! xo

    • Thanks for reading. There are times we wish Cleo was a little lazier…like at 6 am, when she is wide awake and jumping up on us to get up…and we’re just trying to sleep until the alarm goes off. Dogs are hilarious and so full of personality.

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