Mini, mini, mini-vacation!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a visit from Carrie – altogether too short – less than 24 hours really…but so needed in so many ways.  We were so busy talking, catching up and having a good time…that I’ve only got photos from our walk on the beach.  Here’s the short story – Carrie flew in to Burbank…I picked her up, and we headed to Pasadena, stopped by my work briefly, grabbed some lunch, stopped by the house, wrestled Cleo a bit, grabbed a few things and then drove down to Newport Beach.  We pricelined a hotel…and ended up with a nice room at the Hyatt for under $100 and after checking in, headed directly to the beach.  Carrie had just come from early morning sleet and snow in Utah…so walking on the beach barefoot in 70 degree sunshine was the best.

We enjoyed wine back at our hotel and finally settled on a place for dinner – seafood!  Since Carrie’s real reason for being in town was work, including a meeting the next morning…we ordered room service for breakfast.  It has been a long time since I’ve stayed at a hotel nice enough to have room service…and although it was nothing spectacular…I’m pretty sure my tomato juice was fresh squeezed.  Way too short…but it makes you remember how important the people in your life are.


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