Shrub Snake…?

Scene:  Weekend afternoon, tidying up the bathroom.

Thinking: I’ll go ahead and open up the shutters to let in some nice spring sunshine.  Peering out the window at the shrubs/hedges in our side yard…hmmm…what a funny looking branch.  Wait just a minute…that is no branch, that is a snake in the bush, only an arm’s length away from my bathroom window.  I called to Woody so he could come and take a look as well…he did not believe me…until…yup, “that is a snake”.

It is most likely a friendly garter snake…but do you know how many times I walk into the side yard to pick up Cleo’s…ahem…business…or to turn on our sprinklers…and literally brush up against this exact bush.

Do you think it is purely coincidence that just that very morning we took Cleo in to see the vet to booster her immunizations and decided to get her the rattle snake vaccination…?  I think not.  Here she is doing her best to avoid having to ride in her kennel before we headed to the vet.  It’s sort of like trying to put a toddler (with the attitude of a ‘tween) in their car-seat…they’d “be so much cooler with all their friends if you didn’t make them be all safe and stuff…gawd!”

Safety first.

Safety.    First.


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