Visitors of the familial type…

I’ve been gone…no not gone…present but occupied.  Last weekend, we had visitors – Woody’s Mom and sister and her boyfriend.  And it began…

I think I’ll leave out any explanation of this one.  If you know Sarah…none is needed.  All you need to know is that we were wasting some time in Michael’s on a Friday night.  Sarah left the store with glitter on her face…source unknown.

Judy wasn’t afraid of getting in on the sillyness.

If you could see past my horrendous phone photo…you would see Daisy Mint and you might also see frustration of waiting for almost an hour for a table that we had supposedly reserved.  Oh well.

Thai for dinner was followed by a little of this and a little of that.

Saturday morning involved Woody’s favorite activity “Cleo Carrying” and pancakes.  Delicious thin half-dollar pancakes.  And Wii.

This is Woody flapping his arms like a bird…I wish I had video of this.  Priceless.

We visited The Huntington.

I took too many photos…as I always do.  There is always something new blooming.  We are lucky to have a place like this so close to our home.

I found an entirely new garden this time as well – Chinese gardens.  It’s giant and beautiful.  How did I miss this?  Okay, the place is 207 acres.  You follow a path and never know where you might turn up.

Wisteria in full bloom.

They have an amazing collection of Bonsai trees.

The Japanese gardens include a large Koi pond.

There are large mansions on the property, some built to house Henry Huntington’s collections of books and artwork during the early 20th century.  This particular veranda was designed to be reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Walking around leads inevitably to hunger, which leads to fish tacos at Señor Fish in South Pasadena.

Salsa and crema…your choice.  The top left option is some combination of carrot, Habanero and …uh…ginger…maybe…?

Chris’s choice – Tacos Al Pastor

Woody’s Choice – Fish Tacos

Mid-afternoon tacos were followed by a little down time, a walk for Cleo…oh wait…and some more eating with a stop to Woody’s favorite frozen yogurt place.  Then some Wii time…the Wii Fit has been known to scold me for not visiting more often.  Then we moved on to…wait for it…wait for it…eating again…Dinner!

Dinner was delicious.  Sous vide tri tip salad with horseradish sauce and roasted fingerlings.

Chris and I battled in a game of cribbage while watching some of Woody’s favorite fly-fishing movies – Rise (watch trailer here) and Running Down the Man (watch trailer here – made by a friend/roommate of ours from Colorado College).  A fabulous day filled with an excessive amount of fabulous food.

Sunday morning – dumplings in San Gabriel at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House – yep…eating again.  Our dumpling order included juicy pork, fish, rice cakes – not what you think, and pork bun.  We always finish with the dumplings filled with sweet red bean paste and tarot root paste – except that I marked the wrong item on the order form and all of a sudden 5 huge red bean paste buns and 5 huge tarot buns were delivered to our table.  Oops.  The 10 buns may have been more food than everything else that we ordered combined.

Woody – being very Woody – took two of them with him, fascinated by the spongy and slick steamed rice flour dough that the paste is encapsulated in.

P.S.  This is the last picture I took…as I quickly headed to the car trying to pretend that I did not know Woody or Sarah – who were playing a game of catch with the buns when Sarah launched it a little farther than she thought and almost knocked one of the innocent people in this photo in the head with a stolen bun.

Good times.

It was a nice visit from the Fischer side of the family.  The Vacancy sign is back on at the Fischer household.


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