My first earthquake (awwww!)

I felt it.  4.4 magnitude quake located out near Whittier, California.

4:26 am – Dead Sleep. Cleo barks loudly.  Big Jolt. Rumble.

So this was the first earthquake I have felt since moving to California.  There have been a few others…but I’ve always missed them.  Woody’s felt all the other ones that I have missed…and I was a little sad.  But let’s think about this…I should not be sad at missing an earthquake.  Most people would prefer to miss such a potential traumatic disaster.  The only other earthquake that I remember feeling was on a spring break roadtrip that we took when I was in 4th or 5th grade…maybe 6th grade – to the Grand Canyon.  There was a small earthquake that night and I remember waking up and seeing the light over the table in the motel room swinging – but I didn’t know until the next morning that it was because of an earthquake.

Caltech is the go-to place for seismologists whenever there is an earthquake – news trucks are always parked outside Woody’s office whenever one occurs – so in checking their website this morning, Woody and  I found some interesting links.

Woody was a bit confused in the midst of everything and wondered why Cleo barked…and when I said there was an earthquake…he did not really believe me.  Cleo was riled up enough that Woody let her sleep in the bed for an hour or so.  Now I feel really bad for her during other earthquakes that she has experienced from her kennel.

1 down and I’m sure countless numbers of earthquakes to go.


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