Long Overdue Christmas Montage…

Christmas 2009 for Woody and I involved a trip to Salt Lake with my family – and I do mean ALL of my family.  2 parents, 4 siblings, 2 spouses, 1 grandchild/niece and 2 in-laws plus 3 dogs and 2 cats, and me – full house.

Cleo thinks she is a tiny little lap dog and was pleased to learn that she was secretly allowed on the furniture…when certain people weren’t watching!

Cleo and my parents dogs all got along…however, the kitties were not thrilled to have Cleo in the house – she could hardly believe that little squirrel-like animals were allowed in the house and frequently went into stalking mode whenever she caught a glimpse on one.

Lots of cooking, lots of eating!

Cooking up the pheasant and partidge – see full post here.

Avery – the entertainer of the week!

Not yet walking…but mobile in her walker…she loved to follow the dogs around

And play in the dog water bowls.  Bath time – which happens twice a day is her favorite part of the day!

Weather was nice…a few small snow storms…but a lot of soupy haze and fog.  The typical January inversion set in a little early.

How big is Avery?   SOOOO BIG!

We got in a game or two of tennis!

This is the monkey crawl…one leg forward and one leg dragging behind.

She also loves being upside down and prefers for Dad to carry her around like this!

All spruced up for Christmas

Christmas Eve afternoon included a tasting of Rory and Liam’s homebrew

I think there were at least 8 or 9 different beers to taste

Christmas dinner – which happens on Christmas Eve – in the final stages

Babies love grandparents and christmas trees and getting their picture taken

Christmas Morning begins with a story

His future title…wearing it with pride!

Kittie were sequestered in my parents bedroom while Cleo was on the loose – which didn’t stop her from staring for long un-interrupted periods of time through the doors trying to figure out her plan pf attack.

Avery is very serious about reading and books…lots of focus.

There was lots of napping and reading by the fire

It’s a face-off – avery vs. pets!

Not surprisingly…she also loves the johnny jump-up!

The trip was rounded out with a very competitive game of Local Utah-Monopoly.  Anyone want to buy the Salt Lake Temple…?  No…how about the beehive house?


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