Coyote in the ‘hood…

All winter long, we’ve spotted coyotes in our neighborhood.  While some sightings are typical and expected – it seems the consensus among our neighbors is that the coyote activity has increased significantly.  One evening in December, I was sitting in our bedroom at the back of the house, suddenly, there was a lot of commotion and dogs barking – surprising, since we don’t see that many dogs around.  I asked Woody if he had heard it…and he was completely unaware – the video games were a bit too loud.  I looked out our front door, didn’t see anything, the phone rang, and it was our neighbor.  Although it was dark, she saw the whole thing just across the street from our houses.  Two coyotes approached a man walking his dog.  The dog started barking and growling, the coyotes did not back away or turn and run, instead they snarled back and stood their ground.  Eventually the confrontation dissipated and luckily, no one was hurt.

During the next week, we ran into coyotes almost every morning on our walk with Cleo.  And soon after that, there were signs posted for missing kitties and signs from the Pasadena Humane Society stating ‘A coyote was in the area’.

Things have quieted down since then, but we still occasionally see one of them.  Woody spotted the one in the photos on his walk to work about 8:15 in the morning a week or so ago.  Woody thinks there might be a den in a cul de sac 2 blocks away from our house.  That might explain why we’ve seen 2 coyotes together quite often and potentially explains the slightly more aggressive behavior we’ve observed as well.  Either way, I kind of like the fact that we live in LA, and yet, have significant wildlife sightings from our front door.  The photos are not prize winning…they’re from an iphone.


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