a relaxing weekend…

Woody and I enjoyed a relaxing and productive weekend, although it still feels like we are trying to catch up.  We spent Friday night at a surprise birthday party for one of Woody’s colleagues.  Saturday morning, we went to one of our favorite places for breakfast, Julienne’s in South Pas. Each time we go, almost all of their menu tempts me, but I always end up getting the same thing – Parmesan potato cakes topped with scrambled eggs, fresh tomato salsa and a basil guacamole – so good!

We thought out a few cooking projects, ran some errands and were home midday.  Woody spent most of the afternoon building his new bike – a purchase we’d been planning for some time.  Now that we both have bikes, we’re hoping to ride more and drive less – to the farmer’s market, old town Pasadena, etc.

Our Meyer lemon tree is producing more than a pair of rabbits…we can’t seem to pick them, give them, or use them fast enough – please send along any thoughts and ideas for Meyer Lemons!  And of course, I was finally able to take down Christmas…only a month late…but way better than leaving it up so long that you can justify not taking it down until after the next christmas.  Dinner at our friends completed the day along with a game of Settlers of Catan – a board game where the board is different every time, and it’s a little like risk, but instead of conquering countries, you are accumulating resources to buy settlements, roads, and cities.  I wasn’t intrigued at first…but I’ll admit, it is a little addictive, especially when the competition heats up and the trash talking begins.

Sunday came, and Woody had some work to do at the office and I spent the day…and I do mean, the ENTIRE day at Ikea!  Not many purchases, but a lot of ideas and the one thing that Woody required I return with – Ikea meatballs, sauce and lingonberry jam – mmmmm, dinner!


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