Hello world!

Hello World…

cozy inside...

After much thought and strong motivation hindered by a lack of action…I’ve finally done it.  I’ve started a blog.  Here’s to hoping that it becomes a useful and well-used tool to share our life in Pasadena with friends and family scattered throughout the country and the world.

I sit in my living room in Pasadena right now as a ferocious storm attempts to drown southern California and prevent Cleo (the dog) from getting any real walks in the neighborhood for the next few days…or maybe week…or perhaps 2 weeks.  The storm series will potentially be dropping an entire year’s worth of rain within the space of a few days.

On a brighter note, with the addition of a new rug into the living room, we now have a very lovely place to sit inside and watch the torrential downpour while warming our tootsies by the fire, and hoping the this is not the week that our flat roof decides…it just can’t take anymore!

I’ll be posting many photos of our life, our adventures, and our boring moments…we have many.  Who knows what I’ll actually be writing about…we’ll just see what comes out.

lots of love…

torrential outisde...

note the overflowing (and non-functional) fountain and full gutters...


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